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AutoCAD is most highly used and most common 3D design and drafting application in world. It is used by civil and mechanical engineers, architects, and film and video game designers. Is an extremely powerful versatile software AutoCAD free download that is used for many different purposes. It is perfect application for people who need to get their ideas on paper and get their designs to next level. Is a software free AutoCAD that is mostly used by architects and engineers. It has been developed since 1982 and offers widest range of 2D and 3D CAD design. It is a powerful and versatile tool for professionals and beginners, can be used to create anything from a simple sketch to a detailed 3D model.


AutoCAD is a sophisticated and complex application with a vast array of features and functions. It is designed for 3D design and drafting and is used by many different people in many different fields. Interface of AutoCAD Mac is very user-friendly and has a very easy to use and learn system. Interface is set up in a way that people who have little design experience can have a good understanding of software product, how it works. Interface of AutoCAD download free is a two-dimensional GUI, which is visual interface that user interacts with. Interface features a menu bar, a ribbon, command line, a status bar. Ribbon displays commands and shortcuts for generating drawings. Command line displays commands as user types them. Status bar displays system information as well as commands being typed.

Is a complex and professionally-oriented AutoCAD program. It has a very steep learning curve and is not recommended for beginners. It is not most user-friendly software package. Interface looks complicated and is made of many small windows with commands. Commands are not always well explained and user must be familiar with them before he or she can use them successfully.


Is very user-friendly and easy to use. All of buttons and icons have a specific function  AutoCAD installer have a good use in software product. User interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Usability is ease with which a user can use a computer program. Application is fairly easy to learn and use, as it is a 2D GUI that is fairly intuitive. However, user may have a hard time understanding commands.


AutoCAD is a very versatile and complex application with a large array of functions and features. AutoCAD’s functionality is very high and it can be used for a lot of different purposes. Offers a lot of features AutoCAD install and functionalities that include creating and modifying drawings and designs.


Support for AutoCAD is very good. There is a lot of support available for people who need help with app. Support is available through company’s website and through a contact form. There is a lot of information available on company’s website and contact form is very easy to fill out and send in. Offers a wide range AutoCAD computer of support services. These services include tutorials, videos, and a lot of information about software. Support services are very helpful and easy to find.


  • How do I change default units?
    You can change units of measure by navigating to Options menu and clicking Units. From there you can change the units to desired units.
  • I am having trouble starting my AutoCAD Windows application.
    Please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the correct version of AutoCAD for your operating system.
  • I am unable to find command I am looking for to perform a specific action.
    Command you are looking for may be a specific function of a program. Please check Help Menu in your application to find answer.
  • How can I zoom in to a specific area of a drawing?
    First select area you want to zoom to, then click the Zoom In button on Navigation Bar.


AutoCAD is a powerful and versatile application that is used by many people for many different purposes. It has a great interface, usability, functionality, support. It offers a wide range of features that can be used to create and modify a wide range of designs and drawings. Software is very intuitive and easy to learn, it offers a lot of tutorials and videos to help users learn more about software and its features.

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